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Big Meat

Before Amarillo, this:

A Rancher's Reserve Boneless Beef Round Steak. In the package it weighs 3.58 pounds. Last month Safeway had one mutha of a meat sale. Normally buying this meat would be $16.07 but for me it was $5.33. Membership has its rewards, byotch.

As one big piece of meat it would not fit on the Foreman so I cut it in to 3 pieces and grilled them up.



After trimming the fat and cooking the shit out of the meat so it was bone dry, the 3.58 pounds became 2 pounds 1.9 ounces of leathery very well-done goodness. Not how I take my steaks, but I was trying some things.

Not much fat Foremaned off but there was a good crust on the grill:

The steak a couple of days ago was perfectly cooked and delicious in every way. This one was, anyone would say, not cooked optimally at all. But it was cooked just the way I wanted, actually. And it tasted like shit but very delicious shit.

I'll have some stuff tomorrow and Monday, then begin the colon cleanse before going to Amarillo. And, oh yeah, this time it's personal.



Blogger Mega Munch said...

Awesome. Wish you could've joined us in Allentown. What's that, like a 38 hour drive for you?


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