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No Polish Taco For Me

Earlier in the week I wrote about a little burrito shop in Colorado Springs that advertises a Polish Taco. But the operating hours suck for me.

I didn't know when I could make it there when they're open. But things worked out pretty much perfectly, and a couple of days ago I was there at 2pm. Perfect! But it would be not so perfect...

The owner can't get the Polish sausage anymore. Well he can, but only in a big ass pack that is four times the size he uses.


No Polish, but I am hungry since I was anticipating the taco. So I get two breakfast burritos. 11 and 12. Smoked Sausage, potato, egg, chili, cheese. Shredded chicken, potato, chili, cheese.

I didn't have my scale with me, but I'd put each one at about a pound. Much of that weight is the potatoes, but each did have healthy amounts of meat and egg. Thankfully not too much cheese.

I begin with the #11:

It's really good. Delicious. Great flavors! Some potato chunks, but the bulk of the potatoes have the consistency of mashed potatoes. The scrambled eggs are perfect. So are the quartered slices of the smoked sausage.

Here you can see the "mashed" potatoes. Unique, not something I've had before, but decidedly delicious.

Next, the 12. Shredded chicken.

Again with the potato paste. Once more, it might not sound too good but it is.

So El Rincon Burrito Shop on South Nevada in Colorado Springs. Tough hours, but oh so worth doing whatever you need to do to get there.



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