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Spy Time

There is a really good new series coming up soon on USA Network. It drops on the 28th of June and it looks hot. It is called Burn Notice and it is about a CIA operative. Yeah USA Network's Burn Notice is about a spy so maybe it will be more James Bondsy than MacGyverish but maybe it will takes parts of both guys and bring the best of both worlds. He will probably be using disguises and stuff like that, but will he use the best disguise ever? What is that, you ask? The Groucho glasses! Hands down! Big plastic frames, a fake discolored nose, and the moustache! That is the best disguise and it is virtually impossible to tell who is wearing it! Well, we will just have to wait and see if Michael Weston employs that technique. But even if not the technique is still a winner! Along with the Groucho glasses, every spy worth anything has got to have a paper clip, a piece of gum, and some used dental floss. Hey, if MacGyver can do it, Weston can too! Anyway, set your Tivo now or just plan to watch the debut episode on June 28. You will not be sorry!


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