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BH - The Move Is Done

On the drive down to Florence, T-scone caught this picture of me and the truck from behind (by the way, she did THE BEST job staying behind me and blocking when I had to get over and whatnot!).

What.. Under the 'P'.. White thing..

Meatsweats, byotch!

Here's me. Much earlier in the day, and happily unaware of the beast awaiting...

Another before the day really began. Naively anticipating the fun! How bad could this be?!?

At the rest stop. Me and the truck, then T, then her mom.

I had to go into the weigh station. I had never done that before. Very exciting.

For the record, the truck is 1800 pounds when empty. We were 3790. That's a lot of shit. I think the friggin' armoire and the one-heavy-bitch treadmill together were the ton.

And here I am. Spent.

No more. 14 or 15 hours. Loaded some stuff in Aurora. Up to Evergreen. Loaded EVERYTHING else. Down to Florence. Unloaded. I'm getting too old for this kinda crap.

Oh, and here's a bonus one...

Nice car and everything, right? Yeah, the old guy driving with his wife in the passenger seat must be doing alright. Living in Denver, cruising around, but he's driving and trying to dial his cell phone. No wait. That's not a phone he's concentrating on. What is he doing? He's trying to turn something on. AWWWW, NO WAY! OLD GUY! IT'S AN EAR HAIR TRIMMER! He's flying up I-25, wife in the co-pilot, and he's digging for gold with his EAR HAIR TRIMMER!



Blogger Mega Munch said...

Where are you moving to? Out of Denver?

Blogger Skinnyboy said...

No, no, Denver's not getting rid of me that easy. We bought a place in Florence - 2 hours south. T is going to nursing school down there and it's a great spot to hang out what with the 9 prisons in the area.


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