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Big PPP News!

Big news! PayPerPost has acquired another company! What company? No one knows. They are not saying. They are going to announce it next week. I think it may have something to do with online ads or something since that is what PPP is all about! But either way I bet it is going to be good for us.

As you probably have noticed by now I am big time into this PPP thing. Why more of you do not do this I do not know because it is so easy. You get paid to write about the things you love. You would post anyway, why not get paid to do it! And you people who get your panties in a wad about PPP, well, just relax.

Anyway, back to the news about PPP. When they announce whatever they have to announce I will definitely let you know if something will come of it. Hopefully the news will make for more opportunities for me to post because lately there have not been too many since this segmentation was put in place. Segmentation has resulted in some big money opps but the reins have been tightened and it is hard to qualify for those. So I cannot wait for the big news!


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