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Our Cheesesteak Tour

Huh? What is this about? Read part 1.

So our cheesesteak run is not as exhaustive as UEPa's, but whatever. If I like the PCS (I've never had one) there are a few more restaurants for a future tour around Denver. Here is the map for T-bone, Honey and Max. And me.

On Saturday morning we leave Denver at 9 or so. We'll be in Colorado Springs around 10. We'll be traveling south on I-25 (which you see on the left of the map). We'll enter at the top left. We exit off I-25 at the lower left, where US-87 and I-25 cross. How convenient! We've undoubtedly gone by Taste of Philly - South countless times but who knew! We'll hit that one first before continuing on CO-115 to Canon City.

We'll do what we have to do down there, and then head back. On the way back we'll go to the other stop in the upper right of the map. Yeah, it's a Taste of Philly, too, but they will probably be a little different, no?

I have seen mention of a PCS place in Canon but that mention was from 1999 so who knows. I can't find it in the yellow pages or online so I'll assume that one, The Depot, is gone.

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Blogger CD said...

I'm endorsing Pat's at Arapahoe/I-25 and in the shopping center near Illif/Tamarac/Evans.

Pat's (Of Pat's in Philly) son runs these.

Anonymous liz said...

Yeah, I don't eat em, but I think there are quite a few cheesesteak places in D-town.


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