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Cheesesteak Tour - Part 1

The setup is here.

We pile in the E and head down just before 9am. I have not had a philly cheesesteak before so I don't know if the time is good or not. How big is it? How greasy is it? I don't do cheese anyway, so how will that be at 10am or so. Oh well, see how it goes.

Below is a shot of Pikes Peak from the highway. Colorado Springs sits right below Pikes Peak, so the scenery is cool and the mountains-related recreational opportunities are very close. I wouldn't mind living there but the population is heavily skewed toward thumpers.

First stop, Taste of Philly. It's just after 10am. We've driven by it a lot but never noticed it because 1) before now it was like who cares, and 2) it's wedged in between a dive motel and a laundry place so there always were other things to look at.

The menu is not too extensive. "Colorado Springs' Best" Cheesesteaks, hoagies, wraps, salads, Tastykakes. Their cheesesteaks have melted white American cheese. From what I've seen and read, a PCS usually has Chees Whiz. It was an option here but I was sticking to the normal menu. I ordered a small Pepper Philly.

It does look good!

Pretty simple I guess. Amoroso bread, chopped steak, grilled onions (chopped), and grilled green peppers (also chopped).

Lots of meat in there! The melted cheese is just along the bottom. I thought there'd be more so I am pleasantly surprised. If there had been I think the cheese taste would overpower the meat taste. The meat was delicious. Not too greasy.

Oh yeah!

Finally, dig in:

Holy shit! That's good!



You can see here that the meat is not too greasy:

I wish there was some way to capture the aroma! And same with the taste!

All gone. There are only three drops of cheese/grease.

This girl at work who is from Pennsylvannia always makes a huge deal about brining back Tastycakes. "You can't get these ANYWHERE out here". Umm, yeah you can.

Max tasted a bit of it.

So did Honey.

They both gave Taste of Philly two thumbs up!

My first time. Really good. The bread was perfect - not too much of it so it did not get in the way of enjoying the chopped meat. Just the right amount of cheese. The onions and peppers added just the right amount of flavor. The meat was killer. Meat:bread was ideal. Really good.

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Blogger Mega Munch said...

Yeah, Tastykakes WERE a PA thing. Now they're everywhere. Maybe she's thinking of Yeung Ling beer. Oh wait, that's everywhere now too. Are Mallo Cups still a PA-only thing? I think so.

They used Amoroso bread. I referenced them in my post too. Too soft for me. That first picture of you is funny. You look like a kid open gifts on Christmas morning.


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