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Cheesesteak Tour - Part 2

Here is Part 1.

We did what we had to do in Canon & Florence, and then headed back. In Colorado Springs we hit the second cheesesteak stop on the tour today: Taste of Philly. Same restaurant as before but this is their Colorado Springs - North location. And it turns out there were differences between this location and the other location.

In Canon City we did see something interesting. We saw Uncle Rico. Well, not him but we saw his van. He was sleeping I guess. Uncle Rico. Napoleon Dynamite. Anyway.

The picture doesn't show it too well, but the van has a trailer hitch on the front. Front?!?

Here's the inside of this Taste of Philly. Bigger, lighter and cleaner than the other location.

My Pepper Philly is on the left. T-bone got the Chicken Mushroom Philly. It's cool that they have one grill for the meats and another separate grill for chicken. Yeah.

As earlier, the sandwich is not lacking a lot of hot meat:

And juicy. Hot, juicy meat.

Same good bread. The philly here is actually better than the one before. Maybe it's a function of time, too. But here there seemed to be more meat in the PCS, and more juice = more better.

And here's after. That's a better mark than before:

So overall, this location was better today. Not that the other one was shabby in any way but the sandwich here was meatier, it was juicier, it was delicious. And as before, Honey and Max gave their samples two thumbs up.

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Blogger Mega Munch said...

What the??? You went on a cheesesteak tour at the same time I did. Awesome! Your steak looked DAMN GOOD. I love the grease stain at the end. That's the measure of a good steak.

"not lacking a lot of hot meat"...that sounds like a pick-up line.


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