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Another Taste of Philly

A couple of weeks ago I went to the Taste of Philly on Colorado Blvd to take the Apollo Cheesesteak Challenge. 44 ounces of meat. 18 ounces of white American cheese. 8 ounces of onions. 20 inch Amoroso roll. You are allowed 60 minutes to complete it. My time was 21 minutes and 6 seconds. Not a bad time, but come on. So I go back to the Lakewood store to try it again.

Waiting for the sandwich. Plan: fork the meat/cheese until I can pick up the half, then sandwich it, and then clean up the droppings.

Just started. It was STEAMY HOT. At the end I notice my tongue is burned.

Zoned in on the 1st half.

The photo is askew. Just like me?

Hands are still clean.


Hands are not clean any more.

1st half coming to a close.

Last bite of 1st half. Half down in under 4:30!

On the 2nd half.



Very sticky.

Sandwiching the 2nd half at 8:59.

Passing the record time. Not much samich left.

2nd half droppings.

All done. 14:45.

Had a little in the mouth at 14:45.

Starting the clean up.

So 14:45. Much better than 21:06. But I started so well - 1st half sandwich done in under 4:30! Great pace. At around 9 minutes, I thought maybe - just maybe - I could come in under 10:42. Did that thought do me in? 10:42 came and went. My interest kind of waned, and I pretty much limped in to close at 14:45. Dang it!

Eating challenges: 38 attempted. 20 successes. 18 failures.

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