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Eating contests and Eating challenges around Kona & Denver

SB Recap #2

My couldn't-be-any-better wife Tommye, Michael Shimniok, and his wife Shammie have been the unbelievably supportive core team behind this whole endeavor, from competition #1 in Denver. Also in Denver was Paul and Steve. To the ABQ comp went the core. Then Raleigh. Then Vega$ - T, Michael, Shammie, Shammie's Daddy, Mommye Tommye, and my Mom & Dad from Florida. Quite a group, to say the least!

Before the main event an amateur contest was to be held. The burgers were 1.5 pounds. Michael had previously signed up for the contest, and him & I had prepared for our competitions. We thought we prepared well, and we were ready.

Michael is signing some stuff on contest day.

The burgers.

Michael munching on the goods. Ray Meduna is the main judge.

In the amateur contest was Paul Chestnut. Brother of Joey. Eventual winner. In around 5 minutes! Soon to be on the IFOCE circuit. Michael got through the meat and was working on the bun and fixings when Pat finished his burger to end the contest. Michael did quite well indeed. Remember him. Fear him. One day soon Michael is making the jumps to the bigs.


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