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In the past couple of weeks you have surely read many posts here touting different things. It is all part of the PayPerPost network where you get paid to blog about the things you love. It’s so easy. Want to join in? Click the affiliate link on the right side, sign up, and start getting paid!

PayPerPost is a new company founded by Ted Murphy. He got some startup capital and he is taking this big time! They have been filming the trials and tribulations of the startup fun and have made a few episodes of their brand of reality tv. They already have released three episodes, and a fourth is on the way in a couple of days. I have watched the three episodes and it’s quite interesting. Viewers really get a feel for how hard it is to setup an online company such as PayPerPost. It would have been cool if they had filmed the early days before the capital infusion, but you can still get a good insider view. If you don’t have time to watch the episodes now, you can download each oe and save it in whatever format you wish: HD, letterbox, PSP or iPod. That’s a great idea! Ted’s a thinker. Get onboard the ride now!


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