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Opportunity is Knocking!

To those who do not know, there is a competitive eater named Beautiful Brian. He has a website where he has been known to dish out some juicy gossip every now and then.

Last year he began making a show, Beautiful Brian's Corner, in which he appears, sometimes he has guests and sometimes he just talks. Good stuff.

A month or so ago he started charging to watch BBC. Just $2.99. Now he is lamenting about nobody purchasing it and stuff. Well, Brian, obviously I have but three words for you: Pay.. Per.. Post!

And B - or anyone else too - click my affiliate logo on the right hand side and we'll both get paid.


Blogger Mega Munch said...

Yeah, get with it BB! How do you think Skinnyboy was able to finance that esophageal expansion surgery? Three letters: PPP!

Blogger Skinnyboy said...

Aw shucks Dave, the secret is out! But I think I will sue for malpractice because it has not produced the desired effect.

Blogger Skinnyboy said...

Wait, wait.. This is better maybe..

The surgery did just two things: (1) jack, and (2) squat



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