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Out of the Cellar!

Whew. Finally!

Major League Eating's first bunette, best bunette, and captain of the bunette squad Liz K. has a fantasy eating thing going. It's a good thing to take my mind off not being in the upper echelon of eaters. (Note: I had the term "sucking" in there at first but changed it to "not being in the upper echelon of eaters". Sounds better.)

I was the only competitor still with a negative total. I got the negative point for failing to crack the top ten in the Austin french fry contest. Some guys who had negative totals had chances to score up. I didn't have the chance. Until now:


I don't know what's up with my mouth, but whatever.

And I could say the hand is gesturing TWO POINTS, BEE-OTCH. But I meant to do that for Bubba Yarbrough who loves the peace sign that the "Gluttonous Queens" flash. But I forgot to turn my hand around.



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