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T-bonz and I got together in Colorado Springs for some lunch and I gave the twins back to her.

T has driven by it a few times. We decide to give Red Hot & Blue and their "Barbeque, Blues, & Southern Hospitality" a try.

Above is what I ordered. It's the Ramblin' Delta Combo. Memphis-style pulled pork sandwich along with a 1/4 slab of their dry rubbed ribs, and a smoked sausage link. Also cole slaw, potato salad, and a pickle spear. I ate the ribs first:

Is that a good sign or what?!? The fingers are glistening and oranged from the rub. But not covered in sauce. You do not need sauce! The smoke and the rub is enough. The meat was tender, with a good smoke line. Not falling off the bone, but just right.

I think I ate the pulled pork sandwich next. No pictures because it was too good to stop. From the earlier picture you can see there is no sauce on the pulled pork. They aren't hiding any smoking imperfections behind a sauce because there are no imperfections. It's perfect. Tender, juicy, and smoky. Delicious.

I spared a little for the twins.

Bottom line is Red Hot & Blue knows how to rub their meat. We'll be back, for sure.


Anonymous T-bonz said...

Oh, my gosh....how eloquent!

"Bottom line is Red Hot & Blue knows how to rub their meat. We'll be back, for sure."

Your mother will be so proud!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow- all this pork and I gotta be jewish! oie veh! its not easy being " the chosen one" but I guess someones got to do it. RED WHITE AND BLUE - damn straight!! god bless america. G RAB!!


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