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Eating contests and Eating challenges around Kona & Denver


That's my first 1 pound basket at the annual Rock the Tot eating contest at the Bar Louie in Denver. Each Bar Louie holds a tater tot eating contest on the same day.

They allow eaters to condimentize as they wish. Ketchup, ranch, BBQ, mustard. Mustard? Who would put mustard on their tots?

Let's go!

The trophy has Mr. Potato Head AND Mario (or maybe Luigi) on it. MPH I get, but Mario/Luigi? Turns out Bar Louie has a sandwich called the Luigi. Shaved ribeye, lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo, olive oil, on a hoagie roll. Sounds good (hold the mayo).

Team Bar Louie won the team relay contest. Teams of 4 people. Each eater had a 1 pound basket that they couldn't start until their team member before them finished their basket. Took forever. Work on that concept guys.


Anonymous Amanda Arnce said...

Hey A-bomb!

Amanda here from the HRCA. Our 4th Annual Hot Dog Eating Contest is coming up on the 4th of July. I know you've participated every year. I'd love to get some quotes for a local newspaper. Will you please contact me at aarnce@hrcaonline.org?




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