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34.. Not Days, Tacos!

After being postponed twice, the next taco eating contest finally went down at Mezcal. There would be 9 guys and 1 girl (Brooke, she of the all-girls taco eating contest in September last year).

We're getting seated. Jimme to my left and Mark in front of me. Find your competition and keep an eye on them.

We're in the first round here. In the first round we had 15 minutes to eat 20 tacos. White corn tortillas, chicken or veggie, cabbage, and a little sauce. We all had to drink a lot of water to get the tacos down. Jimme absolutely flew threw his plate of 20 in 9 minutes! He secured his spot in the finals.

Mark finished 2nd, a second or two before me. Then Brooke. Here I am scooping up the innards. I dropped probably 1/2 of the innards of each taco because the tortillas were shredding apart as you ate them.

Jimme, Mark, and me are waiting to go into the 1st overtime round. In the 3 minute final, before this, Brooke ate a couple and Jimme, Mark, and I each ate 6. So we three were doing it again!

In the 1st overtime (3 minutes again), Jimme ate 5. Mark ate 6. I ate 6. So Mark & I go to a 2nd overtime. In the 2nd overtime, it was 1st to eat 5 tacos. After I ate 2, Mark was on his 2nd and thankfully for me his food came back up and this time he couldn't hold it in. So...

I won my last contest in Colorado! Pretty sweet! Of the 5 individual contests at Mezcal, I won 4 of them (2nd place in the other). And Jimme & I won the Valentine's Day couples contest! My totals in tacos eaten: 28-28-27-27-32-34. My 34 tacos eaten bested the individual record by 4. And it beat the team record (32, held by Jimme & I) by 2! Nice!

Taco Rob rocked the mic for the contest! He was great! Thanks to everyone at Mezcal! Aloha!

And a big hug to T-bonz for coaching me through all these challenges and contests! She couldn't be at all of them but she tried to be at most of them. She puts up with all of my stupid crap I do -- always with the best smile ever! I love you!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check out a place called "sobo151" it's at 151 south broadway in Denver and it's Czech food. Look at their menu on their website, challenge is called game 7 overtime. It doesn't sound difficult but could easily be more than it sounds.


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