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It's January 13, 2007. Me, T-bone, mes and Shamalamalama converge on the International House of Pancakes on Parker & Orchard. 4:30pm.

If you haven't had IHOP pancackes before, they are good. Very good.

Here I am before ordering, just thinking about the pancakes:

Last week T & I stopped in at IHOP for a bite. At that time I did not know IHOP was having the all-you-can-eat. I did OK that day, but wanted to try it again..

On the menu there are 4 ayce options. 3 options have eggs, hash browns and meats. The 4th option is pancakes only. The first 3 options start you out with 2 pancakes, and then you can reorder by stacks of 3. The 4th options begins with 5 cakes:

Now stacks of 3:


Wow, these are good! This is my first reorder still so they are good now.

The syrup is delicious but very sweet. Thanks for the alternatives, guys. 2nd reorder. 9, 10, 11:

3rd reorder. Still good. 12, 13, 14:

4th reorder. 15, 16, 17:

5th. 18, 19, 20:

Still good. See:

6th. 21, 22, 23:

7th. 24, 25, 26:

OK, on 26 it's getting to me. Sugar overload I think. Well that and all the pancakes:

This is what's left. I had reordered one more time. So 27, 28, 29. And then had them add on 1 more cake. 30.

But I only could get down half of the final four before a little bit came back up. Thankfully it stayed in the mouth but that was a good point to stop. So I ate only half of the final four, so we deducted 2. 28.

T's sheet keeping track of the inhumanity:

Looking back on it, I do think I would have passed 30 if the reorders were ready and brought to me in any timely fashion. Seriously, I'd ask for each reorder when a reorder was brought to me thinking that would make it so a new reorder was ready and waiting when I was done with the previous stack. But no. I'd finish a stack and it was always 4, 5, or 6 minutes before another stack was in front of me. We determined that the problem was not with the server. They'd put in for another reorder right away. Both in the computer and with the cook. The problem was with the cook. I guess he did not believe the server when they reordered so he never cooked anything until he was told again. Mas rapdi, por favor! But whatever. It won't be that way next time!

Here's the pancake info again. Keep in mind this is per pancake, before the syrup and butter is added:

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ooof! Pancakes are so filling. Way to kill them.

Blogger Dave S. said...

No f'ing way! 28 pancakes!! And those aren't small! That's awesome! I'll stop ending every sentence with an exclamation point now!

Seriously, I would LOVE to find an IHOP near Harrisburg and anhilate some hotcakes. Way to show some restraint by sticking with the maple syrup. I'd have been mixing it up with a little blueberry and whatever the other one is.

Blogger A-Bomb said...

You know, MM, I might try mixing it up flavor-wize next time. Those other flavors are sweeter (negative) but they are runnier (positive) so that may be a good idea.. I can't believe there's no IHOP near Harrisburg. You should open a franchise! There'd one by Reading for you to get your cakes on.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude, that's freakin' awesome!

I know how you can make money at this:

You get IHOP to PAY you to eat lots of pancakes at a specific time each week. It would be a like a spectator sport and draw in other patrons to watch which would generate more revenue for IHOP when the spectators ordered food.

Plus IHOP could ADVERTISE something like, "Skinnyboy, the AMAZING Pancake Eater," on billboards, radio, and maybe even tv. An outstanding ad campaign for their all-you-can eat deal.

But hold out for big bucks, Skinnyboy.
Don't let them underprice your unique talent.

Blogger A-Bomb said...

Yes, a fan, you are awesome! You are a really sooper dooper fan! The world's best fan ever! That is a really great idea!


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