A-Bomb and ...

Eating contests and Eating challenges around Kona & Denver

SB Recap #4

1pm. Time for the main event! Rich Shea gets the crowd going with a great soundtrack and some over-the-top introductions for the eaters.

I'm brought out first.

I say hi to Carlene LeFevre on my way to the stage.

I take my spot on the 1st level, to the audience left side. The other eaters are introduced.

The burgers are brought out by the chefs.

The burgers are H U G E! Think of a meat tray you buy at the grocery store to bring to a party. That's how big around the burgers are! So the burgers are placed in front of the eaters, one by one. Then Ray begins the countdown, 10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1..GO! And we're off!

After only 27 minutes or so, Sonya has eaten all of her burger so Ray stops the eating.

Each of the other trays get weighed. It's over.

See ya later, Vega$!

Hello Mountains!

And, Hello Denver!


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