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So Damn Lucky

Check this. Remember the article that was on the front page of the Sunday Denver Post? The day after it appeared T got a call from a solicitor. They said they had a product that mounted the article, blah, blah, it looks good and there is no obligation. T had them make it, and send it. Last week it arrived, and we looked.

Not bad I guess. Good colors. Very high quality. But I wasn't too enthused. See that silver square? That's where this plaque was:

That's not what T wanted!! And even if she wanted her name on the plaque, it is spelled wrong!

Here's the invoice:

So T calls. We'd be all for sending the whole thing back, but the girl on the phone says pry off the name plaque and JUST SEND THAT BACK AND THROW AWAY THE REST. Uh, yeah, here's the plaque you wanted and we'll throw out the whole thing.



Blogger Mega Munch said...

I work in an ad agency and the boss brings his bulldog, Hollywood, with him to work everyday. She's sort of our mascot.

Anyhow, the local paper did a story about "office pets" and focused on Hollywood, complete with a big ol' color photo on page one of the business section.

A company from somewhere did this same thing for her story and we just got it last week. It looks good. We've got it hanging about two feet off the floor above her water and food dishes.

Blogger Mega Munch said...

By the way, now that you've got a free plaque, you should just write in that silver box with a crayon: "My newzpapur storee".

Or something goofy. Change it every now and then.


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