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Yeah Meatsweats!

So you have seen my picture.

Now check out the other ones. Is this the greatest showing of team unity in fantasy competitive eating, or WHAT!!

Our illustrious captain Steakbellie and Wild Bill and Wing Kong. Nice signs, guys!

Big Brian Subich holding a custom-made Meatsweats paddle.

BB in the house.

Humble Bob sporting a hot Meatsweats tye-die!

Keeler all blinged out. Flavor Flav wants one now.

Seaver with his custom Meatsweats badge on his helmet.

X whipped out his Meatsweats lollipop.

So Liz, two points for every member of the Manitoba Meatsweats. Except for Davekos. It's unconfirmed but I heard he didn't show because he had to get a facial or mani/pedi or something.



Anonymous liz said...

Hilarious. Too bad there's no points for creativity ;-)


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