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Wing Bowl Pt. I

Note:G-Money took part in the KBPI Wing Bowl. Here is his guest post.

To get in the KBPI Wing Bowl, unlike the other Wing Bowl back east, you actually have to eat chicken wings. It never really appealed to me since I had never eaten chicken wings. A few over the years, sure, but not for any kind of speed or technique. Just enjoying a few appetizers. But that would change.

On December 22 I went to a local bar to just watch the qualifier. See the contestants eat. Fun. This was the first qualifier for Team Uncle Nasty. There are two "teams": Team Uncle Nasty and Team Willie B - two DJs for KBPI. Each team would have three qualifiers over 3 weeks. Team Nasty would take the top 3 from each qualifier. Team Willie would take the top 10 eaters from the qualifiers. So anyway, I watch Mad Stork, it looks fun, so I decide to come back the next week to try it. Gotta get busy with wings.

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