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Jeez, I hate responding to anonymous comments. Someone ("news at five" I think was their name) dropped one on eatfeats. It began "Been talking with Skinnyboy..."

Uh, no.

I don't care about anonymous comments but I don't want anyone to say I said something that I didn't say.

Anyone can start anonymous rumors, that's why internet message boards are so great. If you want to start rumors about me - fine - heck, here are a few:

- I think George Bush has done a great job
- I think John McCain is exactly what we need
- I do not like dogs
- I love cats
- I bore Dave Matthews' love child (sorry T)
- I fathered ojrifkin's love child (T, again - oops!)



Anonymous Jake From SF said...

Does this mean you will be in SF this weekend or are you planning on competing somewhere else. Hope to see you there if you do.


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