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Wings Throwdown

At work we decided to hold a friendly chicken wing eating contest. 7 of us eating delicious wings, and a bunch of people who came down to watch us do it. Or to make the most of Happy Hour maybe? Anyway you look at it they might just be some of the best athletic supporters around.

Above, that's me at the end of this. 155?!? Oh yeah...
And don't forget


That's 7 pounds too many of fried, of chicken skin, and of bleached dark meat. In the end the damage done:

Kaz ate a couple more to hit 50. I ate 3 more for an even 80.

It was a great time, a great stretch before taking care of some unfinished business in Amarillo, and I think everyone involved would not have wanted to be anywhere else. Hopefully we'll do another one soon.

You can see many more photos here.



Blogger Mega Munch said...

Awesome! I've always wanted to test my capacity in wings. My problem is, my favorite wings are expensive (about 50 cents each), so it might get a little expensive.

Blogger Skinnyboy said...

Yeah Dave, it was good fun. I felt good while eating but when I stopped there was no chance of eating more. About 1/2 hour later and for 2 hours after that I felt like a piece of warmed-over shit but it had to be done.


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