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Making a Winner

A week or so ago, mega munch and I threwdown. Peanut butter topped burgers. Thanks to your votes I won Burger Challenge #1. Here are some photos from the construction.

I started with two pounds of 80/20 ground beef. I think 80/20 is perfect for burgers.

Ingredients. Throw in some crushed sea salt. I was going to add bacon too but I forgot to buy it. Bacon makes anything good. I'd probably eat a roll of pennies wrapped in bacon.

I used onion rolls. Both delicious and they look good in pictures.

On the grill. Two big patties and the small patty that happens to be the perfect size for doggies.

Here is burger #1. Baked Lay's accompany. Sure, burger #1 looks very good, but the final photo chosen to post - and be voted on - was burger #2. This burger was cooked just right. Burger #2 was actually not cooked enough, but it looked good!

Preparing for the 1st bite.

And this would be the aforementioned 1st bite.

Coming up next: Dave, me, and Wild Bill throwdown Pizza Burgers.



Blogger Mega Munch said...

Victory will be mine in pizza burgers!


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