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Humpy's Big Kahuna Lu'au Feast

We were in Kona earlier this month. Last time there I had seen a Humpy's. I thought "wasn't there a challenge on Man v Food at a Humpy's"? At a Humpy's in Anchorage. I checked, and it was the same Humpy's family. In Alaska the challenge is crab and reindeer. In Hawaii, it's Kalua pig and poke. I had to go do it!

Arnold, the executive chef at Humpy's who created my 9.2 pound Big Kahuna Lu'au Feast.

Silva, our server. 

Getting a photo of the Feast. Big.

Early on in the eat. Opening the pork laulau. Pork steamed in ti leaves. Delicious!


Still going.

Getting full.

Trying to get some mojo from Santa.

At the end, 9.2 pounds was too much. 2.8 pounds left.

Silva taking inventory of what's not there and what's there.

Thanks anyway, Santa!

3M and SAW shared the pineapple upside down cake that was part of the challenge, but I didn't get to it.

The Nascar Cafe had their pink weenie shirts. Humpy's should give these pink wife beaters to losers. Of the challenge. Losers of the challenge.

The challenge at Humpy's in Kona is not on the menu so do not expect to see it, but do it now that you know about it, Arnold put together some ono kine grinds, and everyone at Humpy's was super nice! I'll be back guys!

This was the 19th eating challenge in 2011. Before the eat I was an even 9 and 9 in the 18 previous eating challenges in 2011. 9.2 pounds? That's big for me, but I had to eat this thing! I limped in with a 2011 eating challenge record of 9 and 10. 2012!


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