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Pineapple Sour Gummies

Stephanie Torres. In town to take on the 'Zone Challenge at Mannie & Bo's Pizzeria in Golden. Six pounds. Mo meat, mo meat, mo meat. And some cheese and crust.

Before she tried the 'Zone, we stopped at Rock Rest for me to challenge the Peanut Butter Burger & Fries. You've seen it before. Blah blah woof woof.

On to the main event. Her. That.

She's weird. I'm an innovator.

Big ass bites. Fast. That combo equals a great start.

She condimentized so well.

She downed 3 huge 32oz drinks. Two were bubbly root beer.

Her leg

At about this point I broke out some words of advice about clearing her mouth and taking some breaths. Me. Telling someone not too chipmunk. What?!? That's f-in hilarious!


She did c'mon!

Stephanie! First female to take the 'Zone down. A guy did a week before. Jimmy and I were the 1st team to do it a few months ago.

The weenie and the queenie.


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