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Eating contests and Eating challenges around Kona & Denver

The Warm Up

After making our way down to Colorado Springs, we are at Fat Boys Pizza located at the corner of Awesome and Victory. I mean, Academy and Vickers. They have a challenge:

The Gut Buster. Two toppings. My topping choice: no doubt about it, Bacon. Stephanie wanted to go with mushrooms – but that was before we knew the 2 toppings had to be meaty. So she went Ham. Excellent, excellent pairing.

So the pizza was set – 90 ounces of dough (5 of their normal 18 oz balls of dough all mashed together), 32 ounces of sauce, pound-and-a-half cheese, and a pound each of the toppings.

When it came out of the oven, it smelled so, so good.

After cutting it and letting it cool down a bit, we found out it not only smelled good, but the taste was incredible.

We plowed through it, and when I finally – FINALLY - cleared my mouth we took the money and ran. Yum!

Turns out we were the first team to do it in the 3 years that location has been around. And of 51 teams to attempt in the 6 years that Fat Boys Pizza has been around we were only the 3rd team to get it done. Steph is the first female to be on a completing team. And when she comes back (to another location), she’ll be the first to complete it solo.

A bit ghetto of a place – at least that location (there are 3 locations around Colorado Springs).

Oh and the manager guy was looking for a reason – any reason – to get out of handing over the cash. He went so far as to have Steph show that she hadn’t stuffed any pizza down her pant legs or sweatshirt sleeves! Dude, you’re asking the wrong person to do that – he should have asked me!

After, we wanted soft serve or a Slurpee drink. Hit a Baskin-Robbins first before a DQ or Sev. Smoothie for me. Triple scoop for X.


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Whoa! Amazing! Bad with words 'cause everything is so good!


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