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Eats & Sweets 2nd Annual Quick Lick was my 1st ice cream eating contest. I have done a Blizzard contest at a DQ in Las Vegas, but I don't count that as ice cream because that was soft serve. And I have done a hands-free contest but that lacked the integrity of a proper ice cream eating contest.

Above, that's Bobby the owner of the store. Great guy, and his organization of the contest was top notch!

Little kids went first. Hands free. 1 pound of ice cream.

eats & sweets in Lafayette, Colorado!

Big kids about to go. Including the winner last year. We each had 2 pounds on our plate. 2 metal spoons. For flavors I went with strawberry, orange cream, and vanilla. I was going to go with Chai instead of orange cream but T-bonz vigilantly vetoed that. Thanks, T-bonz!

Tearing off the plastic. The plate on the left belonged to the guy who ended up being my closest competition. He went with strawberry chocolate chip. Delicious no doubt, but not a good speed eating move perhaps.

Let's go! One more thing...

Before going we all got a couple shots of whipped cream.

I used only one spoon in the beginning (first ice cream contest, remember), but quickly changed to use two spoons so the shoveling was much easier. So cold.

Done. The other 5 guys were really close to one another. Would have been a tough one to judge.

On the right, the winner last year.

The guy on the right was in the contest. Bob L. Burger. Former mayor of Lafayette. He's lived in Lafayette since 1957. Done so much for the community.

I gave my certificate to him. He gets a free cup or cone every day for one year! Score!


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