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6 Days

There is still stuff in the house, but we're OK with that. Each thing can be categorized as going on the plane, selling on eBay, donate, or trash.

The final trash pick up service is on Tuesday. Between that and donating stuff we are in a good spot. Anything left in the house after that can be tossed out by our realtor. We still have to be able to live in here until we go on 8/10!

We still have a few small things to do in the house. Paint the molding in a closet, put up a new closet door, fix some molding around the patio door. Small things. All the big painting is done. All the big work is done. Well, when Frank and Max get boarded we have to clean very thoroughly - big task, yes, but relatively small when compared to what we have done.

We ate lunch at Bar Louie today. Trying to use up the gift card and tot card from my winning Rock the Tot. Still a ways to go...


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