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On 10/6/06, Kate Westfall wrote:

Attention Gurgitators:

I am extremely sad to announce that the breakfast burrito eating championship in Albuquerque on October 11, and the pickle eating championship in Raleigh on October 16 have been canceled. It is likely that the chicken strip contest in Columbia on October 13 will also be canceled, but that is not yet confirmed. Due to a decision made by the U.S. Congress having to do with their parent company, GoldenPalace.com, GoldenPalace.net is exiting the world of competitive eating. I understand how frustrating this is, and I know that everyone probably has a lot of questions, concerns and requests. I ask that you please send these by email. Emails will be answered as quickly as possible. I will check my personal email (westfall_kate@_____.com) this weekend as well.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Kate Westfall
Manager of Operations and Client Services
International Federation of Competitive Eating
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