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Where's the Beef?

After my last review of the Bambino Burgers from Good Times, I really wanted to try the offerings from White Castle and Krystal. We have neither outlet here, so I went by the store and bought a box of frozen White Castle hamburgers.

Each little burger & bun weighs 45g and is just under 2.5" square. The meat patty is very thin - even thinner than the Bambino meat patty - but unlike the tiny tiny tiny Bambino patty the frozen White Castle patty goes all the way to the bun edges. That's nice.

The bun is nice and pillowy soft. Not toasted like the Bambino bun but it's tasty so that is fine.

The onions are a really nice touch. I've heard Krystal's have chopped onions too. Bambinos do not have onions.

(Good Times: two things. 1] make the meat patty go to the bun edges, and 2] add chopped onions)

But then I looked closer at the meat patty on the White Castles:

WTF?!? Are those holes?

5 holes!?! WTF is that!?! I had never had a White Castle before so I had to check the internets to see if that was normal. And it is!?! Are Krystal's like that also?

Besides them stamping out 5 holes from the patty, frozen White Castles are pretty good. And a little better deal than the Bambinos:

Bambino Burgers: .75 each
Frozen White Castles: .45 each (at King Soopers - $7.29/box of 16)

Can someone answer these two questions:

1. How much does a White Castle cost in a restaurant?
2. How much does a Krystal cost in a restaurant?

Anyone know if Krystal sells their stuff frozen at grocery stores anywhere?




Blogger Wild Bill said...

Andrew - if I remember reading it somewhere, the holes in the burger are to let the onion-laden steam through to the buns, which are laying on top of the burger on the grill (which I think is then covered to keep the steam in). It also helps prevent the burger from curling. I can't remember if the Krystal Burger has the holes. Prices for both vary depending on where you are, but I think both cost more than the Bambino burgers, and are in the .79 to .99 range. The White Castles weigh more at the restaurant. Collective thoughts from some of the other eaters are that the Krystal is a better tasting product. Nobody is aware of Krystals being available anywhere but the restaurants.

Blogger Mega Munch said...

Yeah, I've read and heard that the holes help the burger cook more evenly. Using your measurements, I might go out and buy some beef and create my own Krystal burgers. I wonder how closely I can come to the original?


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