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Look Out Krystal & WCastle!

This guy has a good comparison of White Castles to Krystals. I've not had either of those, so I cannot make that comparison right now but here in this part of the country Good Times has started pushing their Bambino Burgers. I've reviewed them before, but here are some photos to amend The Krystal Kid's review to include the Bambinos:

Building Architecture: White Castle still wins. A Good Times building is not nearly as cool as a castle.
Menu: Good Times is big on frozen custard. Their menu is extensive. He gave the win to Krystal. That doesn't change.
Burger Size: He gives the nod to Krystal. The Bambinos are a good size too. But keep going.

Condiments: Bambinos come with a pickle and a shot of special sauce. No onions though. (Note: mine have neither pickle or sauce on them). Nothing here to mess up his Krystal win in this category. But the Bambino bun is toasted, that's nice.

What's Missing: Here I think some shortcomings of the Bambinos are obvious. The bun is about 2.5 inches (not square, not round. Maybe squound?). But the pathetic meat patty is about 2" x 2". Krystal and White Castle both have meat that meet (or come close to) the edges of the bun.

His other categories: Drinks, French Fries and French Fry Container - I did not order these items. Bambinos only.
Cleanup: He talks of the individual boxes. Nothing like that with the Bambinos. The 5-pack box is about a foot long and the 5 Bambinos are laying in that box.

They have made at least three changes to the Bambinos since I last had some. 1) Packaging. Before, each Bambino was in its own envelope thing - sort of a small fry packet like at McDonald's. That's a good move as it was just extra packaging. The big box holds the Bambinos just fine. 2) The meat. Before, it was TINY - maybe international postage stamp size. It's bigger now. Good move. Now come all the way to the bun edge. 3) The bun. Before, it was more round. And bigger. 3". So the pitiful square patty on a rounder bun look ridiculous. Making it squound is good, keep squaring it though. And again, meat to bun edge!

I avoid fast food burgers. I couldn't tell you when I last had one (well, other than the In-N-Out in Las Vegas 2002). But, oddly, I don't think of these (and Wendy's Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger) as counting. Don't know why that is.



Blogger shimniok said...

Shammy and I tried the bambino burgers... they were ok, but I think neither of us were big on the 'sauce'. But for that I think they'd be pretty great.

Speaking of fast food burgers (I have way too many), I rediscovered the Quarter Pounder several weeks ago... just something about 'em, that delicious mix of pickle, mustard, and ketchup and tiny onions. Mmmmm.

The dog looked yummy, will have to keep that spot in mind. :)

Blogger Skinnyboy said...

Yeah, same. That 'sauce' they put on them is something. Get them lain and put on mustard. And BACON!


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