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Wing Bowl Pt. II

Note:G-Money took part in the KBPI Wing Bowl. Here is his guest post.

December 29 arrives. In the days before this day I discovered some of what works and does not work. So I go in to the qualifier feeling good about the technique. The qualifiers for Nasty are 3 minutes. Each eater begins with one plate of wings, around 30 ounces. If they get through that one they get another plate, smaller. I'm in the 1st of 2 heats. Each heat has 12 or 13 eaters. We eat at a table in front of the live music stage.

At GO I get in a good rhythm. I don't clean the drums too well, but the wings go well. After the weighing, I ended up putting down 12.5 ounces in 3 minutes. Turns out it is 5th on the night. Not bad for the first time with wings. Next week.

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