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Wing Bowl Pt. III

Note:G-Money took part in the KBPI Wing Bowl. Here is his guest post.

Not happy with a week to think about things, I decide to go to a Team Willie qualifier held in the middle of the week. This qualifier is 2 minutes. They will have 2 heats as well. I'm in the 2nd so I watch the 1st. Not only is the qualifier 2 minutes as opposed to Nasty's 3 minutes, these eaters are allowed a few minutes to arrange the wings and even break the two wing bones, plunge the drums, and practically debone the wings. So they basically are just eating the meat on GO and not having to take the meat off the bone. This sucks! Sure, their totals are quite impressive but it's eating meat not chicken wings. Are we in Philadelphia? This seems wrong to me but we'll see how it goes.

In my heat I am in the lucky 13th spot. But they only bring out 12 baskets of wings. They let the guys begin to fondle their wings. And another basket is ordered up for me. They fondle, I wait. In a few minutes, my basket comes - piping hot, right out of the oil. Then, 3.. 2.. 1.. GO! Wha?!? No fondling for me. Just boiling oil. After 2 minutes, 11oz of pain for me. Winner has 17.5oz of fondles meat. I say good day.

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