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Win a Wii!

I have had high speed internet – via DSL – for years. I think since 1999. And in Florence we have it via cable. Down there it screams at like 6 megabits. Here, 1.5 but it is still fast. My first modem was 300 baud, then 1200 baud, and up from there. And I have used the internet at 56k. I will never not have high speed. I hope! If you do not have high speed, you have got to check this out. Charter is putting on quite an ingenious sweepstakes! There is a great chance to win a Nintendi Wii and all kinds of accessories, but the real prize is you can bid on Charter High Speed, for life! Is that awesome or what! High Speed for life is one pretty nice nugget! There are some contest rules, and you should read those so you get everything straight and are eligible to win and all. Here is the link: Click Here for a Chance to Win a Nintendo® Wii™! Really, check it out and see how cool this would be to win, High Speed forever, and a Nintendo Wii! Man, Charter sure rocks in my book and they will in yours too. Get on this, fast! Get ready to roll!


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