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Si Se Puede

Lookit me! I was at the grocery store, and a carton of a dozen eggs was .99 (limit 1 please). I tried a new technique: fry an egg.

I cracked each one, and got them in the pan yolks-up. Good so far.

But soon the problem emerged: the two separate eggs merged into one - how do you flip it so it remains intact?

I got it half right. One yolk OK, but the other yolk leaked a bit. I'll work on the flipping.

Look at the finished masterpiece! The two fried eggs (over-hard, as opposed to over-easy, so the salmonella sac [the yolk] would not run all over the tortilla) are covered by the turkey sausage and the colby jack cheese. Note to self: less cheese next time.



Blogger Mega Munch said...

Nice job, Andrew! I'll bet you can tie your shoes all by yourself, can't you? Who's a big boy? You're a big boy!!

Anonymous Erbivore said...

Less cheese? That's uniquely un-american.


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