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Best of Both Worlds!

Me & a guy at work were talking last week about Thanksgiving, all that good food, and the heightened deliciousness of the leftovers - particularly turkey sandwiches with mashed potatoes, stuffing, and gravy on toast. Somehow talk turned to Waffle House and who doesn't like Waffle House!

So, with the my pizza burger creation as my inspiration, here's my new...

Begin with two plain Waffle House waffles...

Put some turkey on one waffle. Lean white meat, please. On the other waffle, spread on some mashed potatoes.

Follow that up with some cranberry-strawberry sauce on top of the potatoes...

Add some stuffing, too.

And carefully slap the two waffles together.

And dig in...


It's good.

Last bite.

I thought about putting on some gravy too, but: 1. it would have made the waffles much too moist and 2. look at how it set up after chilling in the refrigerator. The Waffle House did not have a microwave to heat it up so nah.

Oh yeah, that was good!
It's an inside joke, but WAFFLE HOUSE...WOO!


Blogger shimniok said...

that looks... *urp* ... just great... *acck* *gag*



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