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Dub Dub

Remember my blood test report? What better way to celebrate my cholesterol number...

BK. Double double Whoppers.

Of the fast food burgers, I think Burger King's are the healthiest. Maybe even good for you what with the fresh lettuce, ripe tomatoes, and crispy onions. Add the pickles and you have pure delight.

Didn't have time to eat two burgers. Just one.

Looks good.

First few bites. Great taste, and the integrity of the quad is surprisingly good.


Still holding together well

Last bite

Here's the tray over which I ate the burger. That center splotch of ketchup, a bit of lettuce and just a few grease spots is quite extraordinary because most burgers - fast food in particular - produce much more in the way of drippings and fall apart alot more if they are packed with 4 juicy patties, delicious vegetables, and ketchup. That's why they are, as their name clearly says, the burger king.

And then I went to the grocery store to buy Powerade Zero and some sherbet.


Anonymous T-bonz said...

Oh, jeez! Good thing you chased it with some fat free sherbet and no calorie energy drink!

Did you really use that much pepper?!!?

Blogger Mega Munch said...

I missed this entry the first time you posted it. This is awesome! I had a triple whopper with an extra patty on it for my birthday this past year. It was awesome!

Blogger Skinnyboy said...

Triple, Triple?!? Plus one patty?!?


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