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The Results Are In

You might recall I last went to the doctor to get a physical and blood tests in December of 2006. I was primarily interested in my cholesterol level - 206 at that time.

I went again in the middle of October. "Turn your head and cough" and all that. And blood tests. And here are the results:

Like before, I was mainly interested in the total cholesterol number.

LDL (bad): 104
HDL (good): 62
TOTAL: 175

That LDL could be lower, the HDL could be higher, but 175 is pretty good. And considering the meat eaten lately, 175 is really good. That meat may have affected the uric acid number of 8.9; it was 7.2 before. But like the body fat %, that one number at any one time does not mean too much. I should go again in a few months to check it again.


Anonymous erb said...

Sorry to hear that. Did they say how long you have to live?

Blogger Skinnyboy said...

Yeah Erb, it's not looking good. Only you can fulfill one of my last wishes...

Anonymous erb said...


Blogger Skinnyboy said...

I guess I should've known you'd go there. Byotch.


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