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I Call Shenanigans!

So I checked in today on the burger challenge comments, and it is a good thing I'm not a dick or else I would say something funny is going on, right Bill? The tally as of now is Mega Munch: 5, Me: 3. "But wait", you say, "aren't there three competing?" Yes, but Bill is stuffing (or rather, stuffed) the ballot box.

He posted his article on his blog on 10/16 at noon. On that day, in about 8 hours, 13 comments were posted on his site. Of the grand total of 8 postings before the challenge posting there were 4 comments since May 2007. So there were 4 comments in a year and a half, but then 13 comments in 8 hours? Margaret, Steve, Karen, Ray, Barb, Ed, Diane, Rob. Good names. Mega and I have been "Juliet Lee'd". Much like her, Bill did not do anything against the "rules", but c'mon.

Good thing I'm, not a dick.

And by the way, I vote for burger #1. That thing looks awesome!


Blogger Wild Bill said...

I didn't stuff the ballot box - all those votes came from different people. I did, HOWEVER, send an e-mail about the throwdown to various people, but did NOT indicate which one was mine. I told them to vote for whichever one made them salivate the most.

Blogger Wild Bill said...

Think what you wish.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

waaaahhhhh john mc voted against me. if only obama voted for me

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right, really good thing you're not a d*ck.

Blogger Skinnyboy said...

My point exactly.


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