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I returned again to the site of my 5th win back in June - Steve's Snappin' Dogs. Surprise birthday party for Mommye Tommye who coincidentally won the Chicago Dog division on the same day I won the qualifier.

On my stops at Steve's I had not been able to go too deep into the menu. I tried some new-to-me dogs this time.

First up: the Chicago Dog.
Spicy mustard, green relish, red onions, sliced tomato, celery salt, dill pickle spear, sport peppers.

Next, the Atlanta "Slaw Dog":
Chili con carne, cheddar jack cheese, coleslaw and red onions.

Then, the Bronx Dog with New York Onion Sauce, yellow mustard and cheddar-jack cheese:

And I stopped with the Rippin' Rockies Dog. It is a deep fried hotdog with green chili, grilled red onions, sour cream, jalapeno peppers, yellow mustard topped with diced red onions:

The coleslaw on the Atlanta & the sour cream on the Rockies - I'll leave those off next time. Other than that, perfection.

Each bun was toasted and then finished on the grill. Actually the buns were a little crumbly. Previously I believe the buns were steamed. Did they change from steaming to toasting? I like steamed. Sure, toasted+grilled buns are more flavorful, but they break apart too easily. And with all the toppings your buns have to be strong. So the buns are a potential weak link.

The dogs themselves are the best I have ever tasted - much, much better than the Nathan's hot dogs. Thumann's hot dogs have a fantastic taste unlike other hot dogs in Colorado, combining a natural casing with a flavorful blend of beef and pork with a smokey flavoring that "snaps" when you bite into it. They are nearly 1/4 pound. They're good. No, really good!

A couple pictures did not come out too well, but the dogs were too delicious to stop.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alas O great one! I am glad to see that the hotdog eating went on even in the absence of the great Guapo Rabinowitz. Im sorry but had to go back to washington to work on the bailout, also I have been abstaining from the pork due to the high jewish holy days. You know me " I DONT DINE ON NO SWINE, BUT I DO DRINK THE KOSHER WINE!!!" Nice pics by the way.. please give my apologies to mama lane and Tbonz. I wanted very much to attend but you know what they say "COUNTRY FIRST!!!" KACK!!!! I look forward to eating with you again.. G-RAB


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