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Trapper Days

Back on the weekend after Labor Day, on 9/6, I went up to Fort Lupton for their Trapper Days festival. Well, for the hot dog eating contest and the pie eating contest. Tried the double.

Good contestant turnout for the hot dog contest. There were two divisions: 10-14 and 15 and up. The 1st division went first. The winner was a strapping corn-fed boy with 4 hot dogs in 5 minutes. We were up next. As the countdown to 0 began I was sitting, but when GO sounded, I stood up. Dunking was allowed. At the end of 5 minutes, I had put down 8, and the next closest had 5. It was 11:35am. My thoughts turned to the pie eating contest. Hands-free pie eating contest.

There were two divisions of the pie eating contest before my division. I would have preferred that our division was sooner because I knew my digestion process and I knew as time went on the hot dogs would get to me, and they did a little. At 12:05 our division began, so 1/2 hour after the hot dogs.

It turns out one of the guys was the three-time defending champion of the Trapper Days pie eating contest. The pies were banana creme, chocolate creme, or coconut creme. You got whatever pie was dealt to you, and I got stuck with the coconut creme. Ugh. At GO, I dug in. Made a HUGE mess! It was hands-free after all! The defending champ won again. I was scored in a tie for 3rd, but I say more like 4th but whatever. Only 1st mattered.

So I won the hot dogs, and didn't win the pie.

The photo above is the only photo I could find. That's me, during the pie eating contest. It's from the Ft. Lupton Press, and the article is here.



Blogger Mega Munch said...

Awesome pic.

Blogger CD said...

A complete, and total barf-o-rama!



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