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Happy 3rd!

This past weekend was the 3rd anniversary for Steve's Snappin' Dogs - a hot dog place that serves up the BEST hot dogs I've ever eaten! No question that these hot dogs beat Nathan's handily. Thumann's. These hot dogs are fantastic by themselves, but even better when Steve's adds their flair... They serve much more than hot dogs, but it's a hot dog place so eat hot dogs!

I had these two. The classic Chicago, and the Memphis Dog - BBQ sauce, bacon, grilled red onions, and coleslaw.
Memphis. Chicago.

For the anniversary, FREE TWINKIES!

The Chicago Dog. So so so good.

The Memphis Dog. I had not had one of these before, and it is unbelievable. Is anything not better with bacon?

This is a shot of the Memphis Dog. The photo doesn't show much because I was almost done before thinking of taking a photo. It was good!

My eating-contest-winning-mama-in-law accompanied me. She got a Smashburger. Though not a hot dog, it was incredible, and cooked to a perfect medium.

Here's to many more, Steve!


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