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How Did He Do?

The first season of Travel Channel's Man v. Food is complete. The host Adam Richman went to 18 cities (the map shows them. Here's a Google Map). He did 18 food challenges. His record: 11 and 7. He handles heat really well: he was 5 for 5 on heat challenges (Pittsburgh, New York, Portland, LA, San Jose). But at the other end of the spectrum, he did just one cold challenge (milkshakes at Crown Candy Kitchen in St. Louis) and he did not complete it. Mexican food challenges (Austin and Denver) he was 0 for 2. The oyster challenge he completed. Steak and tube steaks, yes. Burgers, no. Sandwiches, yes. Pizza, no. Of the 18 he tried, I've tried two. I am 0-2, he was 1-1.



Anonymous Mega Munch said...

I watched him house a three foot sausage and some sides the other night. Looked good. That show makes me want to buy an RV when I retire and travel the country attempting eating challenges.

Blogger Skinnyboy said...

3 feet! Now that's what I call a sausage!


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