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Digger's Diner Burger

Click here to see a gallery of photos from the road trip T-bonz and I took to Brush, Colorado to take on the State Champion Burger at Digger's Diner. It's 3 pounds of ground beef, 1.5 pounds of bun, 8 slices of cheese, 1/2 a head of lettuce, 1/2 a tomato, 1/2 an onion, 3 pickle spears and 12 ounces of fries.

Take a look at the gallery now, and I will post a full write-up and video as soon as I can.

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Blogger Bear Silber said...

Skinnyboy, looks like a fun attempt. I'd like to see the full write-up.

I would still love to have you out for the Belly Buster Challenge :)

Let me know :)


Blogger Skinnyboy said...

Bear -

That'd be awesome, I would love to try it out when I'm in the area. If I were a betting man, with Pat B. there soon (and with him seeming eager to stomp down Joey's times at challenges) he probably will be stopping b y!

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