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Yumbo Por El Camino

Look at this thing!

It's not like T-bonz and I will never go down there again, but not 'regularly' for a while. So we had to go one more time. The Yumbo burrito at Alfonso's in the Conoco in Canon City.

It's longer than the tray. Three-plus pounds of steak, beans, rice, lettuce, cheese and pico. It comes with guacamole and sour cream, too, but talk about bad for you. Uh yeah, hold the guac and cream. Yuck!

The big reveal:

The 2 tortillas are so good.

First bite of the deliciousness:

Look at the kaleidoscope of flavors:

With some red chile sauce:

So good. Below, I'm squeezing on some of the green chile onto the LAST BITE:

Dang that's good.

Hasta luego, Yumbo. Hasta luego.



Blogger Bear Silber said...

That's a beast!!! It makes it WAY easier with is delicious don't it?


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