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Digger's Again

Went to Digger's Diner in Brush, Colorado again. Some good friends were in town for the graduation of T-bonz, and what better way to share some good times than stuffing your face. Friday we decided to do Digger's on Sunday. I didn't have the time to prepare as I would have wanted, so things didn't go as well as I would have wanted but things went better than expected. Here's a link to last time.

More pictures coming soon from the other cameras. The pictures on my camera:

My pre-weight:

SAW from Team Schwabler (OK, T-bonz, Team CHEWARBLS!).



Blogger Bear Silber said...


Anonymous T-bonz said...

What about CHEWARBLS?!?!

Anonymous Mega Munch said...

How ironic (or not) that a scale says THINNER on it.

Blogger A-Bomb said...

Dave, you know what, in all these years I never made that observation! Now that's all I'll see..


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