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Where My Calories At?

Since I posted some pictures from my encounter with the State Champion Burger a couple of people have asked the usual "Where'd it go?" or some variation. Well, it's no mystery just simple math. Let's say my daily caloric equilibrium is 2500 calories (I think it's closer to 3000, but ok...) and the burger is, say, 5000 calories. Looking one day before, the day of, and one day after, here's the breakdown:

Saturday - the day before I ate normally but lightly, go with 1500 calories. 1000 calories banked.
Sunday - burger day. Had a serving of Bran Flakes in the morning. 2500 daily calories needed. Consumed 5000, so 2500 calories over.
Monday - severe caloric restriction. Ate less than 1000 calories. 1500 calorie deficit & banked.

+1000 - 2500 + 1500 = 0

So that's where it went.


Blogger Bear Silber said...

Plus I hear it takes 2 days for excess calories (assuming there were any) to convert to fat for storage.

Anonymous T-bonz said...

You do know that this Blog Entry Title is burning my eyes, right?!?!?

Anonymous Mega Munch said...

Good math bro. I've been relying on this equation for years.

Blogger Skinnyboy said...

Isn't math wonderful... It can be made to come out however you may need...


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