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The burrito. It's a bitch. It's my bitch, byotch.

What burrito, you are saying? This one:

Rojas Mexican Restaurant in Pueblo, Colorado. Then burrito, while huge, is extremely flavorful. Like when I ate the burger at Digger's Diner I was amazed that a super sized food item can be more delicious than a similar normal sized item. The ground beef filling - tasty and spiced just right. Rice on the side. Tomato, lettuce, and cheese on top of the burrito. Smothered in some really good chile. The refried beans were perfect, just the way I like them - runny. But the little thing that added so much flavor were the fresh jalapeno slices liberally laid inside the burrito atop the beef.

The jalapenos kicked my GI tract's ass. The weight of the burrito and sides, while substantial, probably would not be too hard for the normal mad-hungry diner to get through. But the fresh jalapenos certainly add a whopping kick and a formidable barrier to completion due to the heat and acidity that is imparted from start to finish.
This photo kind of shows how deep the serving plate is. The plate is clearly wide, but now you see it is deep, too. That means lots of beans and lots of rice.

See all the photos - and read some added commentary - of this burrito challenge at Rojas Restaurante Mexicano in Pueblo, Colorado by clicking this link.

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Blogger Bear Silber said...

Very nicely done sir!

Have you done Iguana's Burritozilla? If so, how quickly? Pat just did it in 1 1/2 minutes....the night before the Funnel Cake contest!!!

Blogger Skinnyboy said...

Pat getting that thing down in 1 1/2 minutes is just plain WRONG! Awesome, but WRONG! Too bad he wimped out of going to Pizza Party!! I guess he's scared!! ;)

Blogger Bear Silber said...

Haha, I know right!

One of these days.

I'd love to have you do it. I really think you could beat 17 minutes.

Did you see this?


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