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Frank is taunting T-bonz. Like the past five times T-bonz goes to take a shower, Frank does something. Well, it might be all Max and Frank has been taking the fall. You remember a couple of weeks ago someone tore into a box of powdered potatoes - on my watch. I salvaged what I could into some Tupperware containers. Frank and/or Max said "Bring it, byotch". And:

How did she and/or they open the container?!?

Even more confusing is this:
Last I checked, dogs do not have opposable thumbs.



Blogger Bear Silber said...

Haha, too funny.

I forgot, I don't think I told you! Erik Denmark, Joey Chestnut, Pat Bertoletti, Nate Biller & Eric Booker came out to my place! Here's the vid:

Blogger Skinnyboy said...

Awesome, Bear, awesome! And hopefully Mr. Bertoletti will be back soon and he can crush Erik's time. And then Joey will come back, etc etc. Hey, Pizza Party might turn out to be ground zero for competitive eating one-upsmanship!!

Blogger Bear Silber said...

I wouldn't mind that at all!

When you coming out to beat the boys?


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